Who We Are

Nashcards is a growing team founded by Chris Kelsey and his partner, Amy Melzoni. What started out as a hobby has turned into a family business that connects people from all around the globe through sports cards.

What We Do

Our passion is our business! We love working together, finding deals, building personal submissions, selling cards, traveling to shows, meeting GREAT people and having a GREAT time while we do it.

Why We Do It

The world of sports cards can be a scary and intimidating place.  We strive to bring honesty, integrity and transparency to all of our business transactions. We do everything we can to earn our customer's trust.

How We Do It

Be sure to follow us Instagram and check our website regularly to catch the best deals!  Any questions? We're always here to help.

The Origins of Nashcards.com

Chris and Amy have been together for ten years and spend A LOT of time reviewing cards for their personal PSA submissions (pictured here). They love what they do and the people they meet.  Many people started to ask Chris questions about grading and PSA, so he eventually decided he wanted to try and help the card community by launching a clean and easy-to-use website to organize group submissions to PSA.  After adding a few childhood friends to the Nashcards team, Chris was able to bring his dreams to life and Nashcards.com was born!