our shipping address

Nashcards ATTN: (List applicable service level: BULK, ECONOMY, EXPRESS, EXPRESS PLUS or SUPER EXPRESS)
250 Mayfield Dr.
PO BOX 129
Smyrna TN 37167
For FedEx/UPS, use Unit 129 (do not write PO Box)

Shipping Checklist


Review your cards using a bright light source. Pick out the best conditioned ones and place into penny sleeves and card saver 1s. Card Saver 2s are acceptable, but we highly recommend card saver 1. DO NOT PUT ANY TAPE ON CARD SAVERS! Please also do not individually team bag cards! (If sending cards in top loaders or any other holder besides a card saver, you will be charged $1/card to have your cards furnished in card savers as it is required by PSA.)

In Order

Log your cards into the appropriate service level at Nashcards.com. Please be sure your form is accurate and cards are logged in the exact order they are to be shipped.

Rubber Band

Use a loose rubber band to keep the stack of card savers together. Make sure the rubber band is not too tight as this could damage the cards.

Prepare Shipment

Sandwich card savers between two thick pieces of cardboard to add security and protection. For larger orders, we recommend sending in a graded card box.

Order Number

Place your order in a larger box or package and remember to include your NAME AND ORDER NUMBER in package. If we receive a package without this information, it will be delayed. Again, please make sure cards are in exact order they were logged to site.

Mail Shipment

Mail to Nashcards and relax! No signature confirmation required (we are a PO BOX) as it will delay your submission. Once we receive your package, you will be notified via email and the submission process will begin.

Shipping Process

Once you submit your order, you need to get us the cards. All of your cards need to be individually sleeved and in the order that you entered them on the order form. Your shipment needs to have your order number written clearly marked on the box/envelope.

You may choose from either FedEx or USPS to ship your package to us. Once we receive your shipment, we’ll let you know and start the submission process to PSA. You’ll be informed every step along the way.

Once the grades pop and we receive your payment and your cards, we’ll send the order back to you ASAP. We’ll ship via USPS and you have the option to add insurance on your shipment.