You've Got Questions?

Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions on the overall grading process.

No, we do not clean or even touch your cards before we send them to the grading company. The only exception is our review service which includes a review and wipe down/cleaning of each card before sending off. You can learn more about our review service here.

No. To continue to provide the fastest and most competitive pricing on the market, we now require customers to log their own cards. If you do not provide a card list by logging on site or CSV upload, we will charge an additional $5/card as it takes us longer and delays orders.

Unfortunately, for liability reasons, we do not crack customer's cards out of slabs.

PPSA no longer gives estimates on their service levels in terms of business days. Instead, PSA is now using a Completed Through Date or CTD which will update automatically by PSA. From PSA’s website: "A service level’s Complete Through Date is the day before the date of the oldest open order in the PSA system for that service level. The CTD is based on order entry date, which means the day the order was formally entered into the PSA system for authentication and grading." Visit PSA FAQs for more information.

SGC is providing 45-50 business days as the turnaround time. They are currently NOT seeing a backlog and may be able to offer their service even faster. Please see their video on their Instgram dated 9/8/21 for an explanation.

We mail to SGC and PSA just about every day. From the time your cards are received, they will be mailed to PSA or SGC within 5 business days. We anticipate sending orders multiple times a week as we cap all of our orders to PSA and SGC at 250 cards to keep them moving fluidly through the grading process. This means that if we receive 500 cards, we break that down into 2 orders of 250 each to send to PSA/SGC.

Once our team receives your order, we'll upload your CSV in our system and they will then be reflected in your account so you can see. If you uploaded the CSV, we have your list, it just won’t show up until we receive your cards and upload them into your order(s).

For PSA:
After an order is logged on our site, it is important the cards are mailed to us in the same order they were logged. When we receive those cards, they are logged in a submission in that exact same order. PSA grades and returns the cards in that same order, so we are able to tell which card is which by its location in the received order. Furthermore, we cap our orders at approx.. 250 cards so we are able to keep similar cards in separate orders when possible to avoid any confusion.

For SGC:
The cards we send to SGC are not returned in the order we submit them. If more than one customer submits the same card, they are placed in different submissions.
IMPORTANT: If you are subbing for multiple customers in your 1 order and your customer(s) have the same cards, they will not come back to us in the same order as you sent them. Please make sure to send duplicated orders to reflect duplicates on your end as well.

PSA defines the DV as “The Declared Value is your estimate of the value of the item after it has been assigned a grade by PSA.” Since we do not know the grades until they are assigned by PSA, this is just an estimate on what you think it has the best chance of being graded at.

Only fill in this box for parallels (i.e. Gold Refractor, Prizm Silver, Pulsar, etc.), Variations (i.e. SP photo variation), or any specific attributes other than a base card. If it's a regular base card, you can leave it blank.

Yes, there is no minimum DV to a service level. Only cards with a DV over the allowed maximum will decline.

You will receive an automated email when:
  1. Your grading order is placed
  2. Nashcards receives your cards
  3. Grading company checks in your cards
  4. Grading company grades your cards (payment due)
  5. Nashcards ships your order to your shipping address

UPDATE 6/7/21:
For PSA: Either clean toploaders or card savers are acceptable. Anything else or with tape etc, Nashcards charges $.50/card. For SGC: All submissions need to be submitted in clean card savers. Anything else or with tape etc, Nashcards charges $.50/card. Patch cards are acceptable to be submitted in a top loader.

It does not matter the brand, but we recommend the larger Card Saver 1’s. PSA will accept any card saver, but we strongly suggest not using the smaller Card Saver 2’s, especially on modern and ultra modern cards. PLEASE NEVER PLACE ANY TAPE OR STICKERS ON CARD SAVERS OR TOPLOADERS! SGC submissions must be sent to Nashcards in card savers or we charge an additional $0.50/card for the time it takes to swap them out. For never, chrome-style, modern cards please make sure the card is in a sleeve first then inside the card saver. For onler/vintage cards, it’s fine to place them directly into the card saver with no penny sleeve. Up to you.

We only charge for the service fee and return shipping. If you do not supply the correct card saver there is an additional fee of $0.50 per card saver. If you do not provide a card list by logging on site or CSV upload, we charge an additional $5/card as it takes us longer and delays your order. Please note that insurance for your shipment will be additional as well.. Also, all orders are subject to an upcharge at the discretion of PSA. Please see the next FAQ for more info.

If PSA deems that your DV is understated, your card gets a higher grade than expected, or you are submitting higher-dollar items into lower-dollar service levels, they reserve the right to upcharge your order to the appropriate service level based upon its newly graded value.

No! Make sure it goes to our PO Box in Smyrna.

Nashcards ATTN: (List applicable service level: BULK, ECONOMY or STANDARD)
250 Mayfield Dr.
PO BOX 129
Smyrna TN 37167

No! Make sure it goes to our PO Box in Smyrna.

Nashcards ATTN: (List applicable service level: BULK, ECONOMY or STANDARD)
250 Mayfield Dr.
PO BOX 129
Smyrna TN 37167

This is up to you, but typically Signature confirmation isn’t needed as we are a PO Box. This will add at least a day for Nashcards to receive your cards, process them and send them off to PSA.

If you send us your cards and the grading company changes their prices while your cards are in transit or waiting to be logged by Nashcards to the grading company we won't submit your order till we inform you of the price change. Our official policy is: Price reflected is a quote at time of card submission to Nashcards. In the event of a price increase before cards are logged to the grading company by Nashcards, Nashcards will contact customer to reflect new pricing and/or options to return cards without grading.

Yes, we can review your cards for any company we send off to. Each card we deem a pass is an additional $5/ea and each card that we deem a kick is $3/ea and we don't send those off. You can learn more about our review service here:

Yes, it will take up to an additional 5 business days to provide the review service. That time is subject to change based on demand.

Please click this link below to learn more about our review service and why it might be a good option for you. Nashcards Review Service