The Review Process

When you submit your cards to be reviewed by Nashcards, you will receive a professional assessment on what we feel is worthy of grading based upon its overall 

condition, perceived value, scarcity and/or the player/character. 


We simply do NOT just send in cards that we think are only gem worthy. Grading is not that black and white. There are numerous cards that are worth getting graded that aren’t in gem mint condition. 

Most of the cards that we receive to be reviewed are base cards. We may be stricter on standard, base cards. There are many situations that receiving a 9, albeit a decent grade, could potentially be worth less than the grading fee.

For Example:

  • 1989 Fleer Griffey SGC 9 or 2020 Chronicles Joe Burrow SGC 9
  • Value $20-40 and may not always justify the grading fee.

In many situations, a card is still worth sending off that’s not a Gem Mint 10. If the card has enough value worthy of a lower grade, we likely will still send it off.

For Example:

  • 2017 Patrick Mahomes RC SGC 8 or 9.
  • Even in a lower grade, the value would more than justify the grading fee.

If a card is a SSP or low serial #’d and we deem it’s not a 9.5 or 10, we may still send it off to be graded.

For Example:

  • 2020 Panini Downtown Justin Herbert SGC 8 or 9
  • This card would still justify the grading fee even at a lower grade.

If the card is of a top player (Brady, Mahomes, Trout, etc) or character (i.e. Charizard), we may be less likely to kick it due to the premium the player brings.

For Example:

  • 1999 Pokemon Charizard Holo SGC 5 or 6 or a low grade Mantle.
  • These lower graded cards are still worth slabbing, especially vintage to authenticate the card.
  • PC cards you want slabbed regardless of grade.
  • Higher end/lower grade vintage. Most of these are worth sending on your own and most of the time don’t need a 2nd opinion.
  • Higher end modern RC’s. Please see bullet points 2 & 4. Unless it’s noticeably beat up/dinged, we will typically pass modern higher end cards.
  • You know which cards to send in and have already reviewed them for yourself.


  • We wipe down all cards with a microfiber cloth prior to sending (if necessary).
  • We provide and will swap out top loaders for card savers at no additional cost.
  • Great for those who don’t have time to review their cards before sending.
  • #1 BENEFIT - We provide a detailed kick sheet with every card that doesn’t pass with reasons on where and why we decided to kick your card.


Due to the subjective nature of grading, Nashcards is not responsible for any cards that receive a lower grade than anticipated. In rare cases, it is possible that flaws can be missed or overlooked. However, any noticeable issues will certainly be eliminated and kicked.