Shipping and Returns

Terms/Conditions & Return Policy:

When placing a grading order with Nashcards, customers agree to abide by PSA’s and SGC’s terms & conditions.  Nashcards is not responsible for lost or damaged cards. Customer is responsible for making sure that cards shipped to Nashcards are packaged properly to avoid any damage done to the cards. NO RETURNS on graded cards, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Nashcards reserves the right to photograph and or video cards that are submitted for grading purposes. An example of use would be as a promotional multimedia product. Any customer identification is not included in the multimedia and is purely used as a promotional product.

Please note that not logging your cards waives your ability to contest what was sent. We use your logged card list as a packing list so make sure to include your packing list. 

Nashcards provides the PSA/SGC grading service and pays for the cards prior to invoicing customer. Should a customer refuse to pay for their order 30 days after Nashcards receives graded cards from PSA/SGC, the cards will then be absorbed by Nashcards as property.

PSA/SGC Price Changes:

Price reflected is a quote at time of card submission to Nashcards. In the event of a price increase before cards are logged to PSA/SGC by Nashcards, Nashcards will contact customer to reflect new pricing and/or options to return cards without grading. 


Consignment orders will indicate your desire to consign your cards with Nashcards on an entire order basis. All cards within your order will be sent to our consignment. You’ll receive updates when your cards sell and your final payout is calculated. Your consigned amount is non-negotiable and our rates are clearly outlined and applicable in your calculation of your payout. Payout options are as listed at time of consignment. In the event you’ve paid for shipping, we’ll refund your total shipping amount within your payout.